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October 31st - November 1st, 2015

The Halloween Cross Crusade race series zombie-walked into Bend last weekend, setting up in the familiar area around the Deschutes Brewery in Bend's Old Mill District.  Previously held in Astoria, the Bend venue has been lately been the go-to place for this crazy race which features a costume day on Sunday (Even though Halloween was on Saturday this year).  I didn't have any particular jobs shooting this year so I just rolled down to see the juniors and A's races and snap a few pics.

Saturday the course was pretty soft and dusty in spots.  In fact, it was so dusty at one of the downhill sections on the backside that I didn't go there at all.  Saturday night some rain came in and knocked all of the dust down.

Juniors are the lifeblood of any cycling discipline and cyclocross is no exception.  Making the laps and climbing stairs with big bikes isn't easy but the Cross Crusade has a wonderful program for juniors and even smaller future-pros.

The Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team out of Eugene is putting together a dedicated group of riders.   Conner Mowery on the fast gravel road section. 

Sara Schmitt, Athlete's Lounge Cycling Team

Getting ready for the A's start with Brad Ross, Tina Brubaker and Molly Cameron.

The Hi-Fi Wheels guys out of Portland, OR always have time to help out their clients.

The start of the Men A's on Saturday saw S&M's Sean Babcock rocket out with the holeshot.  Sean Finished 2nd Saturday and 1st on Sunday.

This is one of my faves from the weekend so I'm making it nice and big.  Shooting half blind, sprawled on the ground trying to get under the fencing, I was able to catch these 2 racers in mid-air over the coffin barriers with some cool grass in the foreground.  Something I would never get lazily shooting over the fence while standing.  

Giant / Liv Cycling's Serena Bishop Gordon took the win on Saturday and also a strong 2nd on Sunday

Sometimes 'cross can suck.  Like when you get a mechanical and have to run the course to get back to the pits. 

When I rolled up to the course on Sunday the first thing I saw is this giant giraffe costume rolling through the finish.  Everyone has seen shots of him rolling around the course but I have the giraffe, unmasked!!

If the giant giraffe was the costume of the day, this is the group costume winner hands down for their perfect portrayal of Mad Max: Fury Road , going with the race's theme, "Thunder Cross"

I'm shooting part of the course on Sunday and I keep hearing people yell, "OREO!" over and over as riders come by...and this is what I found.

A nice start for a junior costumed racer.  "Ride it like you stole it"

The big costumes got all of the attention but this Tiki setup caught my eye.  I love the colors!

Chewy was looking away to start so I yelled "CHEWY!" really load 4-5 times.  This is Chewy looking around, trying to figure out where the screechy voice was coming from. 

Eric Martin in a Bruce Jenner 'racers costume", one that lets you pedal without hindrance.  

A man and his dog, recent transplants (or escapees, depending on how you look at it) from Seattle get the BendOR magazine treatment from the magazine's founder, Neil Korn (left).

Some clown getting squirrely.

Megan Chinburg flashing the guns out in front of the Women A's race on Sunday.  

Laura Winberry rips down a compact gravel road just before the start/finish, one of the fastest parts of the course.  Laura finished in 3rd place on Sunday 

To finish it off, I figure I'd give you a little slideshow from Sunday's shortcut section over a bed of car tires that had many-a-racer tripping and stumbling to the delight of spectators and photographers.

That's it, thanks for checking out my blog!  If you raced the A's and are looking for a photo, please contact me at mike@mikealbright.com.

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