OSAA Playoff Football: Summit vs. Crater

Grants Pass High School 11-23-2015

The Summit Storm football team from Bend, Oregon qualified for their first OSAA 5A semi-finals that took place in Grants Pass last weekend.  Summit, ranked #6 in Oregon was matched up against #2 Crater.  It was Crater's 5th away game, but playing in Grants Pass they were closer to home than Summit.  Crater had a loud band and rowdy student section and their sound was amplified by the overhang.   
I have to say, I was a little intimidated at the volume they were able to achieve and I know that they are an energized crowd, as both Summit and Crater are currently battling in a contest for eh best student section.  Both as great, both I think Summit has the edge.   The Summit Student section has been amazing this year!  I added their YouTube contest entries at the bottom so you can decide yourself.

The Summit Storm came out ready for action.  The weather was perfect for football, partly cloudy and about 60 degrees.  It felt a little warm in the sun and cool in the shade...perfect.

John Bledsoe came back from a recent injury to help lead Summit to a 41-7 victory over Crater to advance to the State Finals against Ashland.

Dawson Ruhl (33) loves to run and he's hard to tackle, a great combination.

Nick Rasmussen (42) and Crater's Shaine Lukkes (8) both reach out for a pass that was incomplete.

Troy Viola (2) is part of the Storms' very capable group of quarterbacks.

Summit's Tim Meagher literally dragged Crater's Strong Safety, Shay Hall (20) into the end zone for a touchdown.

...and the crowd rejoiced.

Crater's student section never lost hope.

This was a battle in the trenches, more so than some of their earlier games this year, but that is to be expected as the competition gets tighter.

Sean Kent (4) had some great runs at crucial times.   He's so reliable.

Here's a short GIF (Pronounced like the peanut butter) turned into a MOV file of Dawson Ruhl trying to get every inch possible.

After another successful game, a 41-7 smacking of the #2 team in Oregon, Summit coaches and players and congratulations....

The Summit Storm has really impressed me this year, especially this weekend.  With all of the wins, the glory, the fireworks shows, the energetic student and fan sections it would be easy for Storm players and coaches to get cocky, but it's just the opposite.    Summit is all about respect, and it shows.

They are all business, focussed on their goal of being 5A State Champion and they are one game away.  

Of course there's a little time for an interview with local Bend TV News KTVZ.

Here's a link to their coverage

The finals are 4PM, November 28 at Hillsboro Stadium near Portland against Ashland, another team with class.   GO STORM!!!

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These are both Summit and Crater's video contest entries for the best student section in Oregon!!

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