Real Estate Walkthrough Videos

Video is perhaps the most powerful media when it comes to showing off your property.  In less than 5 minutes we can convey the character and flow of your residence to potential buyers wherever they may be in the world.    We have a team of photographers helping to cover all of Central Oregon, shooting in professional-grade formats with some of the latest equipment to help bring you the best final product possible.  All MLS walkthrough videos include basic titles, property overlays and call-outs.  Extras such as timelapse, more callouts, and voice-overs available.  Delivery is usually within 48 hours.  Videos can be delivered in a full resolution 1080P file (usually 2-3GB) along with a compressed 1080P file for Zillow, etc.    Embed codes are available for the new FLEX MLS requirements.

Note:  We cannot 'fake it' with video like we can with photos so picking a date/time when the lighting is correct can be crucial to the quality of a video.  Shooting into the sun outside and shooting interiors with bright light coming into the windows is the biggest cause of poor quality clips.    For real estate the best day is bright with high clouds, lightly diffusing the sunlight.  Unfortunately, we cannot always wait for those days so the next best option is to aim for the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky.  If it's a special property we can shoot video in the morning hours and again in the afternoon hours to get the best light of the day charged extra.     

Have a special property or an idea for a video?  Contact us at mike @ or call 855-541-PICS.

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